Rosie’s Diner – Helena


After trying her corn bread and greens at several contests with the Delta Cultural Center I finally got a chance to try her place out.  Walking in the door was like walking into your grandmother’s house.  It just oozes goodness when it comes to food.  That old fashioned southern eating!!!  The building had a history before Mrs. Rosie got it.  As a boy I remember when it opened as a Baskin Robins next to Pizza Inn.  Then it became Armstrong’s Barbecue. Both really great places, but Rosie’s Diner may be the best.  In addition to serving sandwiches and burgers, she has a buffet through the week. Unlkie fancy places, her food can be found in crock pots just like your Grandma would have.


With a glass of sweet tea on the side, I filled up my plate with all these mouth watering Southern favorites.  Catfish, corn, sweet potatoes, black-eye peas, macaroni & cheese and cornbread.


Although its all you can eat, I couldn’t go back.  The buffet menu changes so you need to just enjoy whatever is being served.  They usually only serve sandwiches and fries on the weekends. I’ve got to go back and try those.  May add some pictures.

Check out Rosie’s Diner on Facebook.  Hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

phone: (870)-228-2336

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  1. Hey Cliff, this is Lynn Sanders Self, have you done a piece on Coldwater? If you haven’t I sure wish you would think about doing one. I interested on the old town of Coldwater, but wouldnt know where to even begin to find out. I really enjoy reading your stories they teach me a lot about the delta, our hometown. Thanks for doing them and I hope you continue them for a long time to come. Please let me know about Coldwater and thanks again.

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