Bull Pen Restaurant/ Johnny D’s

The Bull Pen Restaurant is a really unique southern eatery near downtown De Witt, Arkansas. Part service station and part country restaurant, the Bull Pen offers guests some of the best Delta food around.

The Bull Pen

Driving by this establishment looks like any other gas station, but when you look off to the left there are a line of parked cars. In the south that usually means great food, so I pulled over and decided to give it a try. I noticed a side door and walked into a welcoming and bright dining room.

They offer both a menu and buffet. I chose the buffet and the friendly waitress helped me get situated.

The menu changes and today customers had a choice of fried chicken or hamburger steak. I went with the steak along with pinto beans, rice, cornbread stuffing and roll.

Deserts and ice cream to finish up the meal. Sweet tea is a must. I love these types of places and you can find them all over the Delta. You may be a complete stranger when you walk in the door, but you are a regular when you walk out.

The Bull Pen

523 S Jefferson Street. De Witt, Arkansas. 72042

Phone: 870-946-3120

Hours of operation

Monday thru Thursday 5 am to 2 pm

Friday and Saturday 5 am to 9 pm

Sunday’s closed

Check them out on Facebook

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