Author: Cliff Dean

  • Levon Helm and “A Train Robbery”

    Levon Helm and “A Train Robbery”

    Levon Helm is remembered for a number of great songs that have stood the ravages of time. Where others have come and gone, his legacy of great work remains. I believe it is because his songs are more than just musical notes, they are stories that tug at your emotions and history. On October 30, […]

  • Expedition from Helena to Grenada: Part 3

    Expedition from Helena to Grenada: Part 3

    General Alvin P. Hovey’s expedition toward Grenada, Mississippi in late 1862 was part of the overall strategy to take Vicksburg by Ulysses Simpson Grant. It consisted of two wings. One section under General Cadwallader C. Washburn consisted of two brigades of cavalry. Their job was to push ahead of the main force, burn railroad bridges […]

  • DeSoto County Museum

    DeSoto County Museum

    DeSoto county is one of the fastest growing regions in Mississippi. There are countless restaurants, businesses and entertainment venues for everyone. Hernando is the county seat and home not only to the court house, but a fabulous museum. It is packed full of history and amazing exhibits. In 1984 DeSoto county citizens formed the Historic […]

  • Tomato Gravy

    Tomato Gravy

    Although chocolate gravy is more associated with Arkansas, many people who grew up in the Delta know about another favorite topping, tomato gravy. Tomato gravy can trace its origins back to Appalachia, but was introduced into the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta as families moved west. This isn’t the kind of gravy used over pasta though. […]

  • Expedition from Helena to Grenada: Part 2

    Expedition from Helena to Grenada: Part 2

    The massive expedition that left Delta was headed by Brigadier Generals Alvin P. Hovey and Cadwalader C. Washburn. Alvin Hovey was born on September 6, 1821 at Posey County, Indiana. During the Mexican War he served as a First Lieutenant in the 2nd Indiana Regiment. After returning home he practiced law and was involved in […]

  • Bell from the Transfer Ship Pelican

    Bell from the Transfer Ship Pelican

    Location: Delta Cultural Center Depot Introduction: One of the most unique exhibits at the Delta Cultural Center is a large bell that came from the Transfer Ship Pelican that transported railroad cars from Helena to Trotter’s Point across the Mississippi river for about thirty years.  The bell would be rung to let the deck hands […]

  • True Story of Johnny Keyhole

    True Story of Johnny Keyhole

    As a child I used to sit wide eyed as my grandparents told me the story of Johnny Keyhole. Even though they changed the story a little each time, it didn’t matter to me. I was mesmerized by the legend and could never get enough of how this bigger than life man terrorized Quitman and […]

  • Scipio Africanus Jones – New Exhibit at Delta Cultural Center

    Scipio Africanus Jones – New Exhibit at Delta Cultural Center

    Scipio Africanus Jones was a prominent Arkansas attorney at the start of the 20th century. Born a slave around Dallas County, Arkansas in 1863 he moved to Little Rock and attended Walden Seminary. He then moved to Bethel University where he received a bachelors degree in 1885. During the next four years, Jones taught public […]

  • Coleman’s Barbecue – Hernando, MS (Now Closed)

    Coleman’s Barbecue – Hernando, MS (Now Closed)

    My Mother always told me I was born eating Coleman’s Barbecue because she went there all the time while pregnant with me. It must be true because I love their barbecue. When I was a kid, there was a Coleman’s in every town including Tunica and Clarksdale. My family ate there constantly. It became a […]

  • Lula – 1930

    Lula – 1930

    Lula was a thriving town of 448 according to the census of 1930. Front Street contained a number of businesses from grocery stores to gas stations. and the railroad was always on the move. The year 1930 was troubled though. Millions of Americans were attempting to survive in this the first year of the Great […]