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  • Trotter’s Landing (Glendale). Tunica County

    Trotter’s Landing (Glendale). Tunica County

    The area of Southern Tunica County and Northern Coahoma County directly across from Helena is known as Trotter’s Landing.  Through the years, the region has been referred to as Glendale, Mississippi as well.  On an early map of Tunica County, there are several place names including Trotter’s landing, Trotter’s Point,  and State Levee.  This was…

  • Clayton. Tunica County

    Clayton. Tunica County

    Clayton is located about six miles south of Tunica on Old Highway 61.  In 1940, there were two plantation stores and a population of about 20 people.  There was an old brick commissary store for years at Clayton, but was recently torn down. The community started in 1885 and was named for Judge Alexander Mosby…

  • Dundee. Tunica County

    Dundee. Tunica County

    Dundee was founded around 1885 in Southern Tunica County along the Yazoo and Missouri Valley Railroad.  Since J.B. Carnes owned most of the land in this area, the community was named Carnesille.  He gave land for the site of the first depot. The name was changed though because there was confusion with another community named…

  • Dubbs. Tunica County

    Dubbs. Tunica County

    Dubbs was founded in 1873 and first known as Slab town.  Slab town drew it’s name because the buildings were made of slabs from the nearby saw mills.  The new name came from the hickory tree.  Children in the community called the twin nuts produced by the hickory trees dubbs, so the people decided to…

  • Maud. Tunica County

    Maud. Tunica County

    Maud was a flag stop on the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad about 8 miles south of Tunica.  It was originally called Busby when a post office was located there in 1899.  When it was found that there was already a post office called Busby, the place name was changed to Maud.  Maud was named…

  • Rich, Coahoma County

    Rich, Coahoma County

    Slow down after you pass over the Yazoo Pass bridge on Highway 315 if you are heading east from 61.  Look to your right and you will see the road leading to Rich.  That is the only way to get to Rich today from Lula because the bridge was taken out when they moved the…

  • Hamlin.  Tunica County. (Ghost town)

    Hamlin. Tunica County. (Ghost town)

    Hamlin was located along the tracks between Lula and Dundee. It is easy to find even though not much is left of this village today. Hamlin was located in a curve where Old Highway 61 went over the railroad tracks. Today only a graveyard remains which was located behind an old church that was torn…

  • Lula, Mississippi. Coahoma County

    Lula, Mississippi. Coahoma County

    That’s what Lula has been for more than a 100 years. Don’t count it out. Lula is gonna be here for a 100 more.

  • Nash’s Landing, Tunica County (Ghost town)

    Nash’s Landing, Tunica County (Ghost town)

      Dr. Charles Nash was born in January, 1824 in Missouri. On December 12,1855, Dr. Charles E. Nash moved to Tunica County, Mississippi from Helena, Arkansas.  He had moved to Helena shortly before 1850 from Missouri.  On the 1850 U.S. Census, he is listed as living in Helena, Arkansas in a hotel owned by J.M.…