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  • Tidbit Ten

    Tidbit Ten

    Found this bottle years ago in my grandparents barn south of Dundee. Although I have located a little information on sunflower orange soda, I don’t know much about Tunica Bottling Works. Figure it dates from the 40s or 50s but not sure. If anybody has information about bottling company please message me. I think this…

  • Tidbit 9

    Tidbit 9

    Dog Patch U.S.A. was a theme park located in northwest Arkansas along Highway 7 between the cities of Harrison and Jasper. Closer to Harrison really. It was opened in 1968 and was based on the comic strip Li’l Abner, created by cartoonist Al Capp and set in the fictional village of Dog Patch. The park…

  • Tidbit 8

    Tidbit 8

    Great Leaders and National Issues of 1896 The presidential election of 1896 was one of the most exciting in U.S. History. It was also one of the first modern elections that involved the entire country with politicians and their allies campaigning all over. The central issue was the money supply. An economic depression had started…

  • Tidbit 7

    Tidbit 7

    Vintage plastic top spinner with a suction cup at the bottom. Toy train on the inside. Probably made in the 1950s. As always would love to hear from anyone that knows more.

  • Tidbit 6

    Tidbit 6

    Does anyone know what they are? These two adorable kittens have been at my Grand Parents house since I’ve been alive. They are printed stuffed cats. Not sure if these were sold already made, sold as outlines that you stuffed and sewed, or were folk art. Open to any information about them. Thank you.

  • Tidbit 5

    Tidbit 5

    Western Express Tin Train Wind Up Toy from the 1950s When wound up, this clever train chugs along properly while the bell shakes and rings. Unfortunately this little train has seen better days, but it probably gave a small child lots of enjoyment in the past. Train Western Express 8400 This tin toy train was…

  • Tidbit 4

    Tidbit 4

    Companies used tokens as a way to encourage people to buy their products. This brass token has writing on both sides. Good for one cake Palmolive soap free when you buy one cake. Reverse side: To dealers. This check will be redeemed at your retail price and only when conditions on the reverse side have…

  • Tidbit 3

    Tidbit 3

    Blowing horns for hunting dogs Hunting horns arrived in America during colonial times.  Although not used as much today, some hunters still practice this tradition.  Dogs help hunters find their game or bring game back to them. Whether rabbit, deer, fox or coon hunting, the unique sound of theses horns alerted the dogs.  They were…

  • Tidbit 2

    Tidbit 2

    My Grandfather came into possession of this item years before I was born.  At one time there was a leather strap, but that has been missing for a long time. Although not worth much, it is an interesting relic of history.  Note the U.S. Emblem in the middle. This is a United States Pre-World War…

  • Tidbit 1

    Tidbit 1

    World War I Trench Art lamp made from an artillery shell honoring the 133rd Infantry Regiment 34th Infantry Division.  The base of this lamp is a 105 mm shell.  These shells were commonly used by M101A1 howitzer artillery pieces in World War II.  They saw action in both Europe and the Pacific.  Another brass shell…