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  • Nick’s Barbecue

    Nick’s Barbecue

    Nick’s is located in the small Arkansas town of Carlisle in Lonoke County. The restaurant is easily accessible from Interstate 40 or Highway 70. It is usually busy and has a large parking lot for Big Trucks, so you know it’s got a good reputation. Growing up in the South means a love of barbecue…

  • The Hurley House Cafe

    The Hurley House Cafe

    The Hurley House Cafe is a small restaurant which serves up some big meals that can satisfy the hungriest appetites.

  • Tomato Gravy

    Tomato Gravy

    Although chocolate gravy is more associated with Arkansas, many people who grew up in the Delta know about another favorite topping, tomato gravy. Tomato gravy can trace its origins back to Appalachia, but was introduced into the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta as families moved west. This isn’t the kind of gravy used over pasta though.…

  • Coleman’s Barbecue – Hernando, MS (Now Closed)

    Coleman’s Barbecue – Hernando, MS (Now Closed)

    My Mother always told me I was born eating Coleman’s Barbecue because she went there all the time while pregnant with me. It must be true because I love their barbecue. When I was a kid, there was a Coleman’s in every town including Tunica and Clarksdale. My family ate there constantly. It became a…

  • Grillehouse of Southaven

    Grillehouse of Southaven

    The original Grillehouse is located on the historic Oxford Square and has been serving guests for years. The owners decided to expand and opened up The Grillehouse of Southaven recently. Patrons from around North Mississippi have found this welcoming and beautiful eatery a nice place to come to. Although not inexpensive, the food is very…

  • Underground Cafe – Hernando

    Underground Cafe – Hernando

    Hernando is the county seat of DeSoto county and has a beautiful square surrounding a courthouse. As the city’s population has increased in recent years Hernando and its square have seen an upsurge in restaurants and entertainment. One of these eateries is the Underground Cafe located just across from the courthouse. Just like the name…

  • Catfish Island

    Catfish Island

    Catfish is a must for any successful eatery in the Delta and there are lots of them around here. In fact a person could go from town to town just trying catfish places. Catfish and the South go together and one of the best around is located just north of Forest City, Arkansas. Catfish Island…

  • August Moon – Helena

    August Moon – Helena

    August Moon is a really unique restaurant. Although it started off as strictly a Chinese place, it has developed into something entirely different. You can still order Chinese and I’ve heard it’s very good, but I’ve always eaten their more American dishes. The restaurant is always busy for lunch. When you walk in the door…

  • Cypress Corner Barbecue – Marianna

    Cypress Corner Barbecue – Marianna

    Cypress Corner Barbecue is a quaint little out of the way place with really good food located between Marianna and Barton, Arkansas. Like many places in the Mid South, if you are looking for good food, follow the trucks and farmers.  They will find it.  There isn’t much else around the restaurant, but it’s worth…

  • Airport Grocery – Cleveland

    Airport Grocery – Cleveland

    Highway 61 is a long and straight road that takes you from Memphis to Vicksburg and further. There are a number of cities and great places to eat at along the way and you can’t go wrong with any of them, but there is one very unique place that you should stop at.  When I…