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  • Archibald Dobbins on the Run

    Archibald Dobbins on the Run

    On November 5, 1855 a dastardly incident took place in the small town of Friars Point in Coahoma County, Mississippi. ¬†Archibald Dobbins stabbed to death Littleton Tennill while the two men were in a fight and he then escaped. According to witnesses the incident was in regard to the state election taking place on November…

  • My Own Place: Story of Archibald S. Dobbins

    My Own Place: Story of Archibald S. Dobbins

    The Delta of Arkansas and Mississippi in the 1850s was a hard place to live. There was disease, flooding and violence. It took a special kind of person to live there and this adventure is probably what attracted Archibald Stephenson Dobbins. Archibald Dobbins was born around 1827 in Mount Pleasant located in Maury County, Tennessee.…