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  • Bertha Lee Pate

    Bertha Lee Pate

      Remembering Bertha Lee from Fanny Baker in the book Chasin’ that Devil Music: Searching for the Blues by Gayle Wardlow written in 1998. Bertha Lee was a fine looking woman and could sing better than anyone I’ve heard. She ran off with Charlie Patton. Why, Bertha Lee visited Lula only two years ago. She’s living in…

  • Front Street Block B, Lula, MS

    Front Street Block B, Lula, MS

      This was the site of the Keesee Building. It was a white stucco building of Spanish design with red tiles running along the front top porch. There were round windows along the side. Two windows on either side of a screened in door were at the front. The Keesee Building operated as the farm…

  • The Railroad at Lula

    The Railroad at Lula

    Lula was located at mile post 56.4 from Memphis.

  • Lula, Mississippi. Coahoma County

    Lula, Mississippi. Coahoma County

    That’s what Lula has been for more than a 100 years. Don’t count it out. Lula is gonna be here for a 100 more.