Flood of 1935

In 1935, my Grandparents were living in the small community of Tibbs out from Sledge, when the worst flooding to hit that area ever occurred.  My Grandmother told me they went to sleep that night and awoke the next morning hearing a bumping noise under the house.  They thought it was an animal so my Grandfather walked outside to see and all the animals were on the front porch of the house.  Water had completely surrounded the house and it was water hitting the floorboards of the house that woke them.  The Sheriff came by in a boat getting people out and ordering the men to help fight the floodwaters.

According to WPA records of the time, this was the situation in Northern Quitman County.

” Coupled with freezing weather, the town of Sledge and the surrounding territory have been inundated, and the work of saving people stranded throughout the country-side has been handicapped to a great extent by the lack of boats and motors.  Rescue work has been going forward as rapidly as possible, however, and as we understand it, the majority of people caught in their homes by the waters have been brought to safety.”

“Water in the Main Street of Sledge has been full three and one half feet deep, and the whole town is covered with water, with the exception of the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley depot.  Refugees have been brought in there and cared for by the Red Cross under the direction of Mrs. E. York, chairman of the Quitman County Chapter. ”

“In the territory west of Crenshaw, which was the first struck by high water in this immediate vicinity, the situation is well under control; everyone in danger has been brought out, we understand from a resident of the town this Thursday afternoon. No deaths were reported in this territory.”

“Thie situation is still serious around Sledge, although not as bad as it has been for the past few days.  The extremely cold weather, with ice to push the boats through, hindered the work to a great extent.  The depot at Sledge has been full of refugees since the work started, and we understand many have been taken to Clarksdale to be cared for.”

“The Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railway has been of great assistance in helping out in this disaster.  Cars have been spotted at various points along the line, and people living in them. This has been the only way to get to Sledge and Crenshaw, and Thursday was the first time in four days a train has been ale to go as far north as Crenshaw. ”

United States., & Powell, S.V. (1938). Quitman County WPA project. Works Progress Administration for Mississippi.






2 responses to “Flood of 1935”

  1. Betty Chrestman Avatar
    Betty Chrestman

    I was born and raised in that Tibbs community,it will always be home to me.My grandparents and Mother and Dad survived that flood

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    1. Cliff Dean Avatar

      My father Buddy Dean was born there too. Then my Grandparents moved over toward Lula.


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