Helena River Park


Helena River Park lies just over the levee and Cherry Street Street in Helena, Arkansas.  If you are looking for an afternoon trip or passing through on vacation, take some time and visit the Helena River Park.  If you are interested in fishing on the Mississippi River, there is a ramp for your boat, so take some time and visit the Helena River Park. If you just want to sit and watch the mighty Mississippi roll by, then take some time and visit the Helena River Park.  It is a beautiful park that will make you smile and appreciate the wonder of a natural resource just in our back yard.


At the end of the park, outdoorsmen will love the boat ramp.  It is the only access between Memphis and Greenville for boaters who wish to have fun on the mighty Mississippi.



There is an overlook at the end of an elevated walkway which goes through river bottomlands.  Along the path, there are numerous educational displays discussing animal life and types of vegetation.




The river unfolds for you as you travel the park and it is almost impossible not to stop and look at the Mighty Mississippi.




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