Rest Haven Restaurant

The Rest Haven Restaurant has been a staple in the Clarksdale area for years.  I love these kind of places because they ooze history and they are filled with locals who seem to be there all the time.  I was in the mood for breakfast and decided to try the place that always seemed busy.  Thats a good way to find the best food.  It had been awhile since I had been there, but when I entered, I soon realized that the place looked the same.  That was reassuring and one of the normals for our great places to eat in my Delta.



Rest Haven is known all over the place for it’s food because you can get a little of everything that makes the Delta unique from Italian to Lebanese.  The Delta has always been a place that welcomes in people from different backgrounds and those cultures become part of the place.  Rest Haven is a great example of that.  I will be going back for lunch definitely.  The place has a counter with stools and there was a line of people picking up breakfast plates when I stopped by.



The checkered table cloths bring back all the good memories of places to eat in the 70’s and it makes this quaint place come to life.



I felt like a little kid again.  Lots of cafes were like this when my family used to go out to eat.  Not as many now, so I love going to them.  These tables filled up quick as people came in for coffee or a big breakfast.  I was hungry and ordered a really big breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast.   This was as good as it really looks.



The entire Rest Haven is like going back home whether you grew up going to one of these types of restaurants or not. Rest Haven is found on the main drag of Clarksdale and is easy to find. Get to Clarksdale ya’ll, don’t let the crowds stop you from going in, grab a seat and enjoy.  This place truly is a rest haven with some great food.  There are amazing places to eat all over my Delta and I recommend you try them.






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