Dr. Johnson’s Home

Dr. and Miss Hal Glenn Johnson of Dundee built their home in the Old English rambling type architecture.  It was built of Klinker brick and is copied form an Old English home in England.  It had hand hewn timbers in the sun parlor and entrance that led to the living room.  The home was beautiful and modern in every detail.  Dr. Johnson also ran his medical office out of his home.  This home was built prior to 1940 because he was living there at the time of the U.S. Census.  Dr. Johnson is listed as a physician and the value of his home was $10,000.  He was born January 6, 1888 n Hernando, De Soto County, Mississippi.  Dr. Johnson was married to Jennie C. Martin who passed in 1942.  Dr. Johnson passed on August 17, 1956 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery.  The home fell into disrepair and eventually was torn down.  Only the iron gates and partial brick wall remain of this once wonderful home.

Dr. Johnson delivered my Uncle Glenn Dean in the very bedroom I live in at my Grandparent’s house.  He was always there to help anybody and my family cared a great deal about him like everyone in Southern Tunica County.


One thought

  1. If memory serves this home was occupied by Tombo and Pamela Wilson for many years after the Johnson’s, not sure when they moved in but Tombo passed away of a heart attack while still living there in the early 70’s and my father worked for him farming cotton/soybeans and ranching cattle but his main duties were as mechanic and ramrod.


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