Abe’s Barbecue

Abe’s Barbecue is a local landmark in Clarksdale, Mississippi located at the famous Cross Roads Marker where Highway 61 and 49 meet.  The Cross Roads Marker commemorates the place where Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil in order to play the Blues.


Barbecue and Blues are big in the Mississippi Delta and Clarksdale is known worldwide for both.  Good barbecue restaurants have their own sauce that they market and Abe has the “Comeback Sauce.”  Whether it’s a blues festival or just a normal day, visitors will find the parking lost usually full.


Abraham Davis founded his first business in 1924 on Fourth Street, which is today Martin Luther King Drive.  Although an inn, his restaurant became known for its barbecue.  He soon moved to the present building where the highways meet.  In 1960 the restaurant was renamed Abe’s Barbecue in his honor.  The Davis family continues to run this famous eatery.


Abe’s doesn’t go in for luxuries.  Their sandwiches are served on small paper plates and the software is plastic.  The decor is straight out of the Sixties, but I love it.  These little places are what make the Delta.  They make the Mid South.  I grew up eating barbecue and I grew up coming to Abe’s.  Hasn’t really changed in forty years.  Apartments used to be out back, but they were torn down a few years ago. Some patio tables have appeared out front but other than that, it looks the same.


They serve ribs and you can get take out.  I actually love getting their barbecue packs of meat, sauce, buns, beans and slaw. You can make your own sandwiches.  And the sandwiches are what I always get when I go inside at Abe’s.  Below is the small barbecue with a side of beans.



Abe’s is also known for their burgers.  The chili burgers are what I like.  Slaw and chili.  You can get a large, but this is a small.  With whatever you get, sweet tea is a must.  Wouldn’t be the south without sweet tea.  It’s really messy so be prepared to use a lot of napkins.  Try the barbecue sauce on it too.


Abe’s Barbecue is located at 616 North State Street.  Clarksdale, MS.  38614.

Hours are Monday – Saturday. 10 a.m. to 8:30. p.m.  Sundays are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.









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