Blue & White Cafe


“The Blue and White Cafe has the best food in the Mid-South.  Hands down.”  Thats what hundreds and probably thousands of people say who are loyal customers to this former truck stop and now famous eatery.

I do have to admit that I am a little slanted myself because I grew up in Tunica County and have been going to the Blue & White my entire life.  Walking into this place always makes me feel I’m revisiting my childhood.  The Blue & White really looks like it never changes.  Owners, cooks and waitresses have come and went, but the food stays the same. To be honest, it seems to get better. Breakfast , lunch and supper are served with as much attention as they always have been.  Bathroom is the same little small room and the two booths are nestled right up to the lunch counter stools.  They don’t sell gas any more, but this restaurant definitely retained its roots.  You can almost see the hungry truck drivers stopping for coffee and pie as they pull off Highway 61.  The Blue & White is as legendary as the highway that runs next to it. In fact the two actually came together.


I will admit to one change that I noticed. They did upgrade the booths a little.  There used to be a brown wall running next to them and the seats had an orange covering.  That was probably the Sixties influence and I think most people are glad we didn’t keep those colors. Other than that, pretty much the same.

The workers at the Blue & White really make the place stand out as well.  These ladies are right there with another cup of coffee or a refill for sweet tea.  Always a smile to greet you and one to make sure you come back.  Thanks to the entire staff from the wonderful cooks to the friendly waitresses.

WhenI meet people new to the area I always send them toward the Blue & White if they are hungry for breakfast.  They serve everything a Delta native loves.  Eggs, bacon, ham, biscuits, grits and gravy.


Then lunch starts.  You can order off the menu, but most people settle down to the buffet.  There is a salad bar.  Mainly to see who is from out of town.  Just a joke everyone.  I like salads too.  The buffet entrees do change, but chicken is usually a mainstay along with mashed potatoes and gravy.  You can keep going back as much as you like.  Side of sweet tea and pie or cake for desert.  All is included in the price.


There is chicken on both sides and the cooks can barely keep it in the serving tray.  It’s always hot and juicy.  Fried to perfection.  Never been there when it wasn’t.  A line is usually waiting to be served as soon as the food is brought out.  You stand there with hunters, mechanics, road workers, retired folks, lawyers etc.  Pretty much every walk of life.  When court is in session, you usually see the prosecutors, the defense attorneys and the judge all at the Blue & White.

This time I came on Friday so there was fresh fired catfish.  Tuncia county is home to Pride of the Pond Catfish farms and that’s some of the best fish around. I added on a piece of fired chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, greens and corn bread.


I skipped desert and added on two more small pieces of catfish.  Hot sauce of course.


The Blue & White is also famous for their burgers and onion rings.  I have been to a bunch of places and never found onion rings this good.  Burgers are fresh and a pickle is always on the side. Other sandwiches and meals are just as great.  If I described every meal I wouldn’t have room for any other place.  For supper, patrons can order everything from sandwiches , burgers to full meals.


History of the Blue & White

The Blue & White Service Station and Restaurant goes all the way back to 1924 when it first opened along Old Highway 61 next to the railroad in downtown Tunica.  In 1937, the Pure Oil Company moved the Blue & White cafe and station to its present location.   A new highway 61 had been built further east of the railroad.  This early business sold tobacco, had a newsstand, served as a Greyhound bus stop, a restaurant and a service station.  It was a one stop shop for all your needs.  Now this Pure Oil Station in Tunica wasn’t the only one built.  In fact there were a number of them up and down just Highway 61 alone.  Also across the country.  What makes the Tunica Blue & White different is that this piece of history survived and is still flourishing today.  Travelers can’t buy gas there, but they can fill up their tanks with some of the best food in the Delta.


Check out the Blue and White Restaurant Facebook Page

The Blue & White is open Sunday thru Thursday 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. On Friday and Saturday the restaurant stays open till 10 p.m.

Location 1355 US-61, Tunica, MS.  38676.

Phone: (662)-363-1371



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