Aaron Forrest

Aaron Forrest was born April 8, 1863 in Bedford County, Tennessee. He was a younger brother of Nathan Bedford Forrest. For awhile, he and his older brother were involved in a slave trading business at Memphis. Still in this trade Forrest moved to Vicksburg around 1858. When the Civil War started he joined a company of rangers being organized in Sunflower County, Mississippi. Aaron Forrest is listed as Captain in the 6th Battalion of Mississippi Cavalry. In early 1863 he was ordered to take command of the partisan companies operating near the Yazoo Pass Expedition and stop a Union advance. Although well intentioned his men were surprised on January 19, 1863 at Hunts Mill and routed. Later Forrest would join his brother General Nathan Bedford Forrest in Tennessee.  Reports have him dying April 19, 1864 near Dresden, Tennessee of pneumonia. Later his body and that of one of his brothers were moved after the war to Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis. A marker is located there today. His rank is designated as Lieutenant Colonel.

There is a mystery surrounding his remains though. Some records have him dying in North Mississippi and being buried at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Okolona. 







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