Cypress Corner Barbecue – Marianna


Cypress Corner Barbecue is a quaint little out of the way place with really good food located between Marianna and Barton, Arkansas. Like many places in the Mid South, if you are looking for good food, follow the trucks and farmers.  They will find it.  There isn’t much else around the restaurant, but it’s worth a trip. The business was probably a country grocery store at one time in its past and it still keeps that flavor.  There is a meat counter and a really nice atmosphere.


The menu is up above the register and the employees are all really nice and happy to see you.


I had the regular pork barbecue sandwich with fries.  It’s really good and has that great southern barbecue flavor.  No plates, just sit down and eat.


Store hours:

Monday thru Saturday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed on Sundays

Phone: (870)-295-6546

Check out their facebook site.







One response to “Cypress Corner Barbecue – Marianna”

  1. Ellis W. Darby Avatar

    Looking forward to a Cypress Corner supper tonight:
    Two (2) large barbecue sammiches from the corner delivered by a farmer friend for me and wife.

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