Delta Heritage Trails State Park

The Delta Heritage Trails State Park is a work in progress, but it’s a beautiful and relaxing work in progress. The trail is being built along an old railway and when completed, will run an incredible 84.5 miles. There are currently eight trailheads at Lexa, Barton, Lick Creek, Lake View, Elaine, Watson, Rohwer and Arkansas City. Trailhead restrooms are available at Barton, Elaine, and Arkansas City. The Arkansas City Trailhead includes a multi use building designed in the style of historic rail depots.

Park Headquarters can be found along Highway 49 just west of Helena, West Helena, Arkansas. The building is actually an old cotton gin that has been completely redone. This harks back to the history of this area. There are also picnic tables and benches to relax on.

There are two completed corridors. The completed northern corridor is 20.6 miles from Lexa to Elaine. The completed southern corridor is 23.8 miles from Watson to Arkansas City, including a 14.4 miles of shared use roadway on the Mississippi River Mainline Levee. Eventually the trail will cross the White and Arkansas Rivers.


5539 Highway 49. Helena-West Helena, AR. 72390

Phone: (870)-572-2352






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