Mississippi River State Park

Mississippi River State Park Visitor Center

The Mississippi River State Park is located on the southern end of Crowley’s Ridge and boarders the Mississippi River. Operating within the St. Francis National Forest, the start park encompasses 536 acres in six recreation areas. The visitor center and Bear Creek Lake Recreation Area are in Lee county, while the St. Francis River access, Hornor Neck Lake access and Storm Creek Lake Recreation Area are in Phillips County.

Bear Creek Lake

The park is located on two National Scenic byways, the Great River Road and the Crowley Ridge Parkway. In the 1930s, the area came into public ownership under the Resettlement Administration when the federal government bought the land from private owners. In 1938 the WPA built Bear Creek Lake, Storm Creek Lake and the ridge road. Mississippi River State Park was authorized by state legislation in 1973, but it took several decades to complete. Arkansas State Parks began management of Bear Creek Lake on May 1, 2009.

Trotting Fox Walking Trail

Throughout the entire park visitors will find picnic tables, boat ramps, two courtesy docks and swim beaches. There are four walking trails. These are the Trotting Fox Trail (a 1/2 mile barrier free path), the Bear Creek Lake Nature Trail (a one mile loop), Hornor Neck Lake (a short wildlife viewing trail) and the Base Line Trail (four mile roundtrip).

Bear Creek Loop

The Visitor Center features an information area, a gift shop, meeting rooms and a museum that discusses the Arkansas Delta.

Mississippi River State Park. 2955 Arkansas 44. Marianna, AR. 72360








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