Moon Lake – Coahoma County

Whether a permanent resident or one of the countless visitors, Moon Lake takes hold of you and never lets go.  It’s a beautiful lake great for fishing, boating or just enjoying a relaxing picnic along its shore.

Going north along Highway 1 in Coahoma County, visitors will notice a sign for Moon Lake Scenic Overlook next to a large pecan grove.  If you have time, pull over into the parking lot and take a walk along the scenic path to this public pier overlooking Moon Lake.


Moon Lake is a 2,200 acre ox-bow lake in northern Coahoma County.  The lake started its history off as part of the Mississippi but was created when the river changed course. After the Choctaw and Chickasaw left, the area around Moon Lake became one of the first places settled in Coahoma County.


Through the years the shore along Moon Lake has been home to politicians, planters, singers and criminals.  It has calmed recently though.  The famous Kathryn’s Restaurant is still serving up its great food.


Uncle Henrys, famous site of what was called Moon Lake Casino by Tennessee Williams, continues to face out to the calming waters.  Where small shacks and trailers once stood, well built new homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars now hold reign.  The bars and dance halls that once beckoned  men and women from as far away as Memphis are  gone.  Only a few posts standing lonely just above the lake’s waves are reminders for this wild history, but Moon Lake maintains its beauty.


Uncle Henry’s on Moon Lake

Summer time brings hundreds of locals and visitors each year for boating and fishing fun. A number of hunting clubs have lodges along Moon Lake as well.  You will see the trucks packed with decoys and shot guns parked nearby as their occupants are enjoying their time along the lake. Fishermen will be busy near the banks with their rods and reels. Sundays will see party barges meeting up between the two islands of the lake.

Alcorn Island is named after the Reconstruction Era Governor and Coahoma County native, James Lusk Alcorn.  The other is named Texas Island.  Texas Island really isn’t an island by definition, but locals still refer to is as one.


There are two state maintained boating ramps.  One is located at Moon Lake Park on Paradise Point just off Highway 1. Along with the ramp visitors have access to picnic tables and a fish cleaning station.  The other ramp is located off Highway 49 on the Yazoo Pass, which runs into the lake. This ramp also offers picnic tables and a fish cleaning station. In addition to these two sites, there are several more private or non maintained boating ramps along the lakeshore.


Unfortunately there are no bait stores nearby so fishermen should bring everything they need.  A Jordan’s convenience store along Highway 49 serves the needs of locals and visitors.  Great prices on beer and tobacco.  Also serves Chester’s Chicken and has Citgo gas for customers. There is another smaller store located in Lula that serves prepared food too.


There is a winding road that runs along the edge of Moon Lake that is perfect for a road trip or a bike ride. Overall Moon Lake is a nice and quiet place to unwind and rest in the Mid South.


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