Moore Hornor House – Delta Cultural Center

The Moore Hornor House is one of the oldest homes in Helena and controlled by the Delta Cultural Center and the Department of Arkansas Heritage.  At present the home and grounds are being renovated, but will open to the public soon. The house can be observed from outside the rail fence though and there are historic displays in front.


The Moore Hornor House was built in 1859 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is an example of early Victorian style architecture that was very popular at the end of the Antebellum Era. It was originally built by Arthur Thompson who had been sheriff of Phillips County for a number of years.  The house is a red brick, two story, five bay structure.  There are two rooms on either side of the center hall both upstairs and downstairs with a separate kitchen off the right hand corner.  Ceilings are very high at almost fourteen feet.


Although the home is still undergoing repairs, it is open to guided tours when available. After completion the Moore-Hornor House will play host to educational programs and activities.






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