Tunica Museum

The Tunica Museum is dedicated to the history of Tunica County.  The area that would become Tunica was opened up to settlement after the Treaty of Pontotoc Creek in 1832.  The Chickasaw relinquished their lands east of the Mississippi River for a promise of new homes to the west.  Tunica was organized in 1836 and settlers began to move in soon after.  Life was hard in the swamps and cane breaks along the Mississippi River.  It would take years before the levees were built and life became easier.


Tunica has hard history.  At one point it was the poorest county in the nation.  Even the television show 60 minutes came in and did a story about the poverty of Tunica.  That all changed with the coming of the casinos and soon the people of Tunica decided it was time for a museum.


In 1997 the Tunica Museum was established with exhibits covering agriculture, the river, Native Americans, and the overall history of the town of Tunica and the county.


One of my favorite exhibits at the museum is titled “The Famous Lane’s Barber Shop.”  As a kid my Grandfather used to carry me there for a haircut.  Even as a boy, I loved history and that shop was like walking into history.  It was great and this always brings back memories.


The Tunica Museum is free, but please leave a donation so everybody can continue to experience this wonderful place.  For people interested in other things beside casinos, come on down a little further and visit the Tunica Museum and the town of Tunica.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

1 Museum Blvd.  Tunica, Mississippi. 38676








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