August Moon – Helena

August Moon is a really unique restaurant. Although it started off as strictly a Chinese place, it has developed into something entirely different. You can still order Chinese and I’ve heard it’s very good, but I’ve always eaten their more American dishes.

The restaurant is always busy for lunch. When you walk in the door you will notice a menu on the wall. It changes every day usually. Plate lunches include a choice of three meats and you get a choice of three vegetables. Choose corn bread or roll on the side.

August Moon has ample seating but again it gets busy and lots of regulars eat there.

Last time I chose pork chops, pinto beans, mashed potatoes and corn. Their fried chicken is best in town.

Hours of operation:

Closed on Saturdays

Open all other days including Sundays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


108 Garland Avenue. West Helena, AR. 72390






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