Museum of the Mississippi Delta – Greenwood

Museum of the Mississippi Delta

The Museum of the Mississippi Delta collects, documents and interprets the history, culture and natural history of the Mississippi Delta. Years ago this museum was known as Cottonlandia, but was changed to have a greater coverage of the entire region and people.

The Museum of the Mississippi Delta offers visitors a little bit of everything about the delta and explains how unique this place really is. Exhibits cover everything from nature to the Civil War.

Greenwood was the site of Fort Pemberton which stopped one of General U.S. Grant’s expeditions to capture Vicksburg. Displays tell the story of that event plus how the delta was impacted.

Greenwood Leflore was a Choctaw leader who signed the treaties that traded their land for property in far off Oklahoma. He remained in Mississippi though and soon became one of the wealthiest planters in the state. One wing of the museum is devoted to this Mississippian.

The Museum of the Mississippi Delta has a number of galleries featuring art from the delta plus an educational area for students. The staff are very welcoming and knowledgable. This place is a must see for anyone traveling through the Delta.

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Saturday. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunday. Closed

Location: 1608 Highway 82 West. Greenwood, MS. 38930


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