Tidbit Ten

Found this bottle years ago in my grandparents barn south of Dundee. Although I have located a little information on sunflower orange soda, I don’t know much about Tunica Bottling Works. Figure it dates from the 40s or 50s but not sure. If anybody has information about bottling company please message me. I think this would be a great conversation peace.






4 responses to “Tidbit Ten”

  1. rebranger Avatar

    I think it was down behind the old Xyldas Shop across from the Marie Hotel later became Ritchie Bottling. Sold & drank a many a one.

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    1. Cliff Dean Avatar

      I was thinking it may have become Ritchie Bottling. Found out this bottle was produced in 1944


      1. rebranger Avatar

        Sounds about right. I remember standing outside & watching the machine run bottling drinks. Was fun to watch!

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