The Hurley House Cafe

Arkansas is famous for its outstanding restaurants and food. People have been known to travel for hours just to get a taste of their favorite barbecue or chicken. It doesn’t matter which part of the state a person goes to they will find a cafe or joint offering up something delicious. The twenty seven counties which make up the Arkansas Delta are no different and can offer a visitor or resident some amazing food to indulge in. So with that in mind, unbuckle your belt for this trip.

The Hurley House Cafe is a small restaurant which serves up some big meals that can satisfy the hungriest of appetites. Whether breakfast with their gigantic pancakes or the daily lunch specials, Hurley House is worth a road trip.

Breakfast at Hurley House Cafe

When you walk in the door one immediately feels like a local who has been coming here all his or her life. From burgers to chicken, the menu has it. This was catfish day though. Catfish is an essential Delta food and the Hurley House Cafe offers up a plate featuring two or three pieces. Add the fries and hushpuppies with a glass of sweet tea and it will have you say Whoooooo!!! That’s good!!!


1303 Highway 70 East. Hazen, Arkansas. 72064

Phone number: (870) 255-4679

Please check The Hurley House Cafe on facebook

For more food ideas, Check out the Department of Arkansas Heritage Home Page and the link Arkansas Food Hall of Fame. There is even an app you can install on your phone.






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