Nick’s Barbecue

Nick’s Barbecue & Catfish

Nick’s is located in the small Arkansas town of Carlisle in Lonoke County. The restaurant is easily accessible from Interstate 40 or Highway 70. It is usually busy and has a large parking lot for Big Trucks, so you know it’s got a good reputation.

Growing up in the South means a love of barbecue and great places to dine are located all over which serve this delicacy. I realize barbecue is sometimes used as a verb, which means to grill outside, but that’s not how we view it in the South. To us, barbecue means pork or beef smoked and served with sauce or a dry rub. It comes sliced, shredded or as ribs. Every state usually says it has the best barbecue, but I believe it’s all good.

I had the sliced pork plate which includes beans, fries and toast. Outstanding sauce. There are other sides a customer can order as well.


1012 Bobby L Glover Highway. Carlisle, AR 72024






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