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  • Blackton (Monroe County)

    Blackton (Monroe County)

    Blackton is a small community in Monroe County, Arkansas that is located in Hindman Township.

  • Nick’s Barbecue

    Nick’s Barbecue

    Nick’s is located in the small Arkansas town of Carlisle in Lonoke County. The restaurant is easily accessible from Interstate 40 or Highway 70. It is usually busy and has a large parking lot for Big Trucks, so you know it’s got a good reputation. Growing up in the South means a love of barbecue…

  • Clerking for Cleburne

    Clerking for Cleburne

    This staff included not only officers who served as aides, but enlisted men that served as clerks. Two of these clerks were cousins from Helena.

  • The Hurley House Cafe

    The Hurley House Cafe

    The Hurley House Cafe is a small restaurant which serves up some big meals that can satisfy the hungriest appetites.

  • Hollywood marries Tunica

    Hollywood marries Tunica

    May of 1958 was not an exciting year in world politics or national news. Movies like Vertigo and Dracula were hits in the theaters. Many young ladies around the mid south were probably still thinking of singer Elvis Presley who had been inducted into the army in March. Television hits included Gunsmoke and I love…

  • Tidbit Ten

    Tidbit Ten

    Found this bottle years ago in my grandparents barn south of Dundee. Although I have located a little information on sunflower orange soda, I don’t know much about Tunica Bottling Works. Figure it dates from the 40s or 50s but not sure. If anybody has information about bottling company please message me. I think this…

  • Rich Saturday Night

    Rich Saturday Night

    Rich, Mississippi is a small community in northern Coahoma county with a population of less than fifty souls. There isn’t a store or post office and really not much of a town.  It lies on the banks of the Yazoo Pass which was made famous during the Civil War in one of Grant’s failed attempts…

  • The Story of the Seven Generals: Volume One,Charles W.Adams

    The Story of the Seven Generals: Volume One,Charles W.Adams

    Charles William Adams is honored as being one of the seven Confederate generals who lived at Helena during the Civil War. Although only really an acting Brigadier General, he was head of a sub-department during the war. He also had two close friends who recommended him to become a Brigadier General. These men were Patrick…

  • Louis Jordan “The King of the Jukebox”

    Louis Jordan “The King of the Jukebox”

    Louis Thomas Jordan was a talented singer who added comedy with over the top expressions to become world famous during the swing era and forward. He fronted his own band for over twenty years and had dozens of hits during the 40s and 50s. Because of his musical flair this singer had duets with such…

  • Engagement at St. Charles

    Engagement at St. Charles

    The small town of St. Charles, Arkansas is most remembered as the site of what some historians call “the deadliest shot of the Civil War.” To understand what occurred, we have to go back to that fateful day on June 17, 1862. Two weeks earlier Major General Thomas C. Hindman, anticipating the fall of Memphis,…

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